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Johnny Crown shows off impressive storytelling and magnificent flows on “The Coolest Prince in the Jungle”. Lyrics tie the whole of the album together with small details of relationships, the care and compassion that define them. Over the course of the album Johnny Crown brings a tremendous amount of color into the mix ensuring that every single element truly shines. Such energy radiates through the whole of the album for Johnny Crown ensures that the whole of the album possess a sense of life. Narratives that rest at the very center of it all opt for a feeling of true optimism. The optimism comes from Johnny Crown’s incredible rhymes while the arrangements come together in a most fantastic freewheeling fashion.


Opening up the album on a high note is the title track, the lush “The Coolest Prince in the Jungle”. A slinky groove takes hold on the giddy energy of “Puma” where the samples add a great deal of playfulness. Nimble beats skitter forward on “I.V.Y. P.A.R.K”. Electronic influences come about in fantastic flourishes with “That’s What They Say”. The summery spirit of “On My Mama” goes for something truly blissful and beautiful in how it evolves with such an uncanny grace. Neon-hued synthesizers come together on the dreamy tenderness of “Lupita” where everything has a great warmth to it. Nicely closing the album off on a high note is the incredible work of “Facts”.


With “The Coolest Prince in the Jungle” Johnny Crown delves into a kaleidoscopic world, one that feels so real, so vital.