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He was destined to be a black slave for all his life, enduring endless days or torment, pain and 
obedience until one day when he saves a slave master’s daughter from being killed. After 
witnessing the selfless act, a Japanese man offers to buy him from the ruthless slave master and 
flies him on a private jet to a remote island. Unsure of what to expect, having only experienced 
violence at the hands of his masters, he’s taken off guard when the Japanese man gifts him with 
an alien stone – a stone he has been holding onto to give to the right person. He’s been chosen 
because of his ability to show empathy for a child belonging to an evil man who knows no 
kindness. But when the black slave holds the stone in his palms, he’s transformed into the 
magnificent superhero - Star Crest. 
Star Crest’s able to alter himself into any race, “Transracial” and any gender, “Transexual”, 
giving him the power to mend bridges and unite humanity as one against the dark forces.